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Gift packaging box


Gift is a short-lived commodity. Deeply affected by festivals and consumer groups, it is basically a short, frequent, and fast product. Once it enters the market, it must demonstrate its ability to sell. Of course, if it wants to show its sales ability, it is not just relying on the placement and image of corporate advertising. The spread, more importantly, comes from the product itself, which itself includes product quality and packaging. Product quality is the premise, packaging is performance, interdependence, mutual existence.

In practice, packaging design is performed within a limited picture, which is a spatial limitation. At the same time, the packaging is sold to the buyer for a short period of time, which is a limitation of time. This kind of space-time restrictions requires that packaging design cannot be blind and complete, and that everything should be equal to nothing. The key to the determination of the goods, consumption, and sales of the three aspects of the relevant information to compare and select, the basic point of choice is to help improve sales. Below is a list of relevant items that will be identified by the editors of China Packaging Network for reference.

The trademark image of the product, the meaning of the brand;

The product's functional utility, texture properties;

The origin of the product, local factors;

The selling background of the commodity, the target of consumption;

The difference between the product and the current product;

The status of similar packaging design for this product;

The product has a total of its related characteristics and so on.

China Packaging Network editor reminds everyone that these are the media information of design ideas. When designing as much as possible to understand the relevant information, to compare and select, and then determine the focus of performance. Therefore, designers are required to have a wealth of knowledge and cultural knowledge related to commodities, markets, and living. The more you accumulate, the wider the conception of the world, the more paths you have, and the more basic your choice of key points.

First, the performance angle

This is a deepening after determining the form of expression, that is, there must be a concrete breakthrough after finding the main target. If the trademark or brand is the focus of performance, it is a manifestation of the image, or a certain meaning possessed by the performance of the brand. If the product itself is the focus of performance, it is an external image of the product or an internal property of the product. The co-compositions still show their functional utility; things all have different perspectives of understanding and are more focused on one aspect in performance, which will benefit the expressiveness of performance.

Second, the performance method

Just as the performance focus and performance perspective is like the goal and the breach, the performance technique can be said to be a tactical issue. The focus and perspective of performance are mainly to resolve what is being performed. This is only half the problem solved. Good performance techniques and expressions are the vitality of design.

Regardless of how they behave, they must express some characteristics of content and performance. In a broad sense, everything must have its own particularity. Anything must have a certain connection with some other things. In this way, to represent a thing, to represent an object, there are two basic techniques: one is to directly express certain features of the object, and the other is to express things indirectly through other things related to the object. The former is called direct performance, while the latter is called indirect performance or called performance.

According to the editor of China Packaging Network, the concept is the soul of design. It is difficult to formulate formulas such as fixed conception methods and conceiving procedures in design creation. Most of the creation is from immature to mature. In this process, some or none of them are affirmative. It is a normal phenomenon to modify or add some. The core of the idea is to think about what and how to represent two issues. To answer these two questions, we must address the following four points: performance focus, performance perspective, performance techniques, and forms of expression. As in combat, the emphasis is on attacking targets, the angle is the breakthrough, the tactics are tactics, and the forms are weapons. Any one of these links will be handled in a bad manner.

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